What version of LibreOffice is compatible with MAC OS 10.11, El Capitan?

asked 2019-04-28 00:57:11 +0200

MGirard gravatar image

Overall, there are fewer crashes with LibreOffice since I upgraded to El Capitan, but there have been at least one freeze up or "force quit" in every two or three hour session. Also, on opening the app, my old iMac's OS often announces that that two versions of LibreOffice may be running simultaneously, which could be damaging. I don't know why it's confused, but perhaps its from the array of hard drives backups, some containing earlier incarnations of LibreOffice, probably V. 4.

Should I delete older versions entirely, and use only V. 6? Which is the best version for MAC OS 10.11.5, EL CAPITAN?

This is an amazing app, especially considering that it's free (and I will donate after payday).

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