LibreOffice writer comments cause NeoOffice to crash [closed]

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NeoOffice crashes when attempting to open any LibreOffice writer document which contains a comment.

Is this a known issue?

To recreate: - Create a new LibreOffice document (v4.0.3.3 or v4.1.0.0 beta 1--Mac OS X) - Add a comment - Close LibreOffice - Open the document in NeoOffice (v3.3 patch 7--current version) - NeoOffice crashes every time.

To fix the document: - Remove comments using LibreOffice Writer - Accept changes (if change tracking was on) - Save document - Document will now open in NeoOffice

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This can be LibreOffice problem if not generating correct document or/and NeoOffice problem if not handling document correctly. Despite that in my humble opinion every crash is also a bug, so reporting a bug to NeoOffice is what you should do in any way. I suggest to also report a bug to LibreOffice and if possible attach the document.

L-user gravatar imageL-user ( 2013-06-21 17:23:36 +0200 )edit