Has any Chromebook user ever successfully installed Times New Roman into LO?

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I realise we have other font options that are similar, but most college students and many people on courses are asked to present their work in Times New Roman. I had this problem recently. No matter how much I explained the work HAD to be in TNR and when I was a tutor I know you could not get round some things even when common sense might prevail. If TNR in double spacing and 12pt is asked for then the student loses marks for anything else or gets the work rejected.

There is a way for those on a PC or using other OS to install Microsoft fonts but this does not work on a Chromebook.

(sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer) -This worked on my laptop with Ubuntu.

But has anyone ever managed to install Times New Roman or the Microsoft fonts on their Chromebook. (I would assume legal to do so as you can do this elsewhere via the msscorefonts installer.)

Note_If you download a google doc you will not be downloading true Times New Roman and your work will revert to Tinos or other font if you have it installed. I recently had some work rejected as it was not in TNR even though I had downloaded it in TNR from Google docs and the formatting messes up if you open in LibreOffice. It will initially open in the Google docs version of TNR.)

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Not an answer, so putting this into a comment.

I understand that you are asking specifically about TNR; still the following is relevant (although doesn't answer your question). A family of fonts has been created to be metrically compatible with some MS fonts including TNR; the family is named Liberation fonts. "Metrically compatible" means that although the appearance of characters might somewhat differ from its counterpart in respective MS font, the size of each character (and other metrics of the font, affecting character placement) are made to perfectly match those of MS font. So - using Liberation Serif should not make "formatting messes up" (because of changed font metrics). LibreOffice should automatically know to use that replacement... so in case you see damaged formatting, it's either not related to font (a layout bug in older LO?), or a bug in Liberation font in use (needs reporting and fixing).

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-06-14 03:57:06 +0200 )edit

I'd posit that there is already a better option installed in your Chromebook, the croscore fonts. These fonts are the evolution of the Liberation Fonts by the original creator and his employees at Ascender Corp., a lot more work put into them and many more glyphs covering the paneuropean set entirely are included. TLDR: Try the Tinos font already installed in your Chromebook.

palopezv gravatar imagepalopezv ( 2019-06-15 02:32:16 +0200 )edit