Please signpost me! (To a relevant forum with Chromebook developers to talk about LibreOffice

asked 2019-06-15 10:16:14 +0200

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I have looked in vain for a place where I can talk to Chromebook developers about LibreOffice and ask about LibreOffice. I want to ask them about their future developments. Has anyone ever found a forum to do so and if so, please can they signpost me?

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If Chromebook + LO 5 causes so much glitches and problems, wouldn't it be an idea to switch from Chromebook to something else which would work straight forward with LO 6 instead of forcibly keeping hold of the Chromebook and trying to motivate Devs to improve the Chromebook compatibility (which may arrive in some years...)? I doubt that you could motivate Devs to spend time on bringing LO 6 to your Chromebook (because 'what is a Chromebook?', there is not THE Chromebook, Chromebooks are spread over several hardware types which may make your ASUS xxx and your use case to a rare constellation). Keep in mind, Google did not intend to use a Chromebook with other software than Google Apps.

Cookievore gravatar imageCookievore ( 2019-06-15 17:25:25 +0200 )edit