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Updated Libreoffice and folders have disappeared and my photo album now has no photos (what happened?).

asked 2019-08-20 09:34:34 +0100

Tazzz gravatar image

Updated Libreoffice and folders now state document don't exist and my photo album now has no photos (what


10 years plus of photos are just gone?

Go to the pictures tab in folders and when I try to import nothing happens.

How can an update just wipe data that it shouldn't access?

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Please explain us, where you stored your photos, where and how you are looking for 'em. I'm pretty sure that LibreOffice didn't delete anthing, which does not belong to LibreOffice. Just one remark: A common misunderstanding is, that the thumbnails you generally see, when starting LibreOffice are the files. But they only references to the files just like hyperlinks (URLs) are references to other websites. So what may have happened, that you lost the references but not the file itself. Thus, use your operating systems file manager and search for the files you are looking for.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-08-20 10:17:09 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-08-20 10:40:08 +0100

Tazzz gravatar image

updated 2019-08-20 10:44:45 +0100

Thanks for that and the photos album I always used is now empty and as I

last looked at the album 5 days ago and the only thing I have done since was

update Libreoffice and I thought it was the only thing that may have been the problem.

Since then I've done some searching and was coming back to this to post the results.

I now have a new pictures folder and can't get those pictures to the photo's album (so obviously a

Microsoft "glitch"that appeared out of nowhere and I now have to use a different way of accessing the


The files I have also been able to access elsewhere (which is a bit strange as they were produced via

Libreoffice but they can't be accessed there).

So there is a workaround to access that "stuff" (just not in Libreoffice itself).

So you have my apology for "jumping the gun" and I should've searched further first (maybe this may help

someone else that it has happened to).

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Am I right assuming that you are using some cloud service (OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive) for your photos and you faced an operating system update?

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-08-20 10:45:30 +0100 )edit
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