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[Calc] Index function Error

asked 2019-08-29 07:10:53 +0100

ocyp gravatar image

Hi all,

I'm making a list using Calc and using Index functions. I realised that the function doesn't work after the 112th low. Does anybody have same issue? Examples below;

No problem

=INDEX($A$4:$C$115, 1,1)

=INDEX($A$4:$C$115, 112,1)


=INDEX($A$4:$C$115, 113,1)

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answered 2019-08-29 07:15:22 +0100

INDEX help section tells:

Row (optional) represents the row index of the reference range, for which to return a value

You reference a range of 112 rows: from row 4th till row 115. You have no 113th row in your range.

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Woops, I made a silly mistake! Thanks Mike.

ocyp gravatar imageocyp ( 2019-08-29 07:28:05 +0100 )edit
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