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Base: Adding content to multiple tables on one form (subform may have multiple entries)

asked 2019-11-14 22:16:18 +0100

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updated 2020-07-28 21:24:37 +0100

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Trying to remember everything I need to post when asking for help. Still new to this so please forgive me If I miss something.

LO version Windows 7

I have 3 tables: Sites | Contacts | Workstations

Sites are unique (main table), each site can have multiple contacts and multiple workstations (contacts and workstations are not connected)

I have a form so I can enter site info and notes on the same form I have a subform for contact info and a subform for workstation info. How do I set it up so as I enter information i can add a second contact and/or four or five workstations with all that detail?

Also when I navigate one record to another in the form, it only changes the information base on which section the cell currently active is associated with (i.e. workstation info or site info) the other form sections do not change.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



image description

Here is what the form looks like. The top 3 fields and notes are on the Site table, the contact info on the left are for the Contacts table and the info on the right and usernames/passwords on the bottom are for the workstation table.

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Some things are not clear. First is hierarchy. Sites seems OK. Contacts probably connected to a site. What about workstations - connected to Contacts or the Site? For the sub form(s) are you using field controls or a table grid? As for:

How do I set it up so as I enter information i can add a second contact and/or four or five workstations with all that detail?

does this mean you want to duplicate many fields in multiple records?

As for the "other form sections do not change.", this depends upon the structure of the form and again the hierarchy. Main form (Sites) with a sub form (Contacts) linked to Main form and another sub form (Workstations) also linked to Main form OR Main form (Sites) with a sub form (Contacts) linked to Main form and a sub sub form (Workstations) linked to sub form.

Posting a ...(more)

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-11-14 22:46:54 +0100 )edit

Sites = name and info of the building (main table and main form) Contacts = name and contact info for a building, may be multiple contacts for each building (additional table connects to Sites via SiteID, sub form on main form) Workstations = name and details of workstations at a site. May be multiple workstations at one site. Not connected to Contacts at all. (additional table connects to Sites via SiteID, sub form on main form)

Sub Form - First I used the form wizard to create the form and add fields from the main table (Sites) then added a sub form and added fields for Contacts. Since the wizard only lets you add one sub form I found how to add additional fields and change which table they are from so I then added multiple fields from the third table (Workstations). It is not a table grid So I'm going to say ...(more)

sowles gravatar imagesowles ( 2019-11-15 13:56:47 +0100 )edit

Basically there are a bunch of fields to enter info some from each table.

Site record has sight info then the contacts section has info and the workstation section has info, but if I have 3 more workstations how do I add one workstation to this form and then a second, third and fourth, all using the same form (or is the form the wrong way to do this?)

Not sure how to 'post a scrubbed sample' I would if I could.

All this info exist on 3 different spread sheets and I'm trying to build the database to combine it all into one place by adding each site record (with all its details) at one time. There are over 150 sites.

sowles gravatar imagesowles ( 2019-11-15 14:01:09 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-11-15 18:37:39 +0100

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First, to post a sample (usually better than a screen shot), Edit the question and on the toolbar there is paperclip icon ( see -> How to use the Ask site). This will prompt for the file to attach.

I don't see the link from each sub form back to the main but maybe this is just how you set it since this is automatic anyway.

It appears you only need to add a Navigation Bar control to each sub form. This will allow you to enter multiple records in a sub form. Have attached a sample to demonstrate this. It is loosely based upon you information. If this does not help, please attach your scrubbed sample.

Sample ------ ClientSites.odb

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Also, in future please specify what database you are using. Attachment is Firebird embedded.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-11-15 18:39:53 +0100 )edit
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