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Hi everyone,

I've just started writing my PhD thesis with LibreOffice As I have to quote many scientific articles I use Endnote X6 for my reference list. I can insert citations into text documents without any problems. But when I combine several files containing citations in one master document I have two problems:

  1. The citations appear at the end of every single subdocument but I want them to be all at one position. (Preferably not at the very end but in a “References” section)
  2. The citations are numbered. The first citation appearing in the text is automatically assigned as “1”, the second “2” and so on. Unfortunately the numbering starts with “1” in every single subdocument but I want it to be continuously throughout the whole master document.

I realized that Endnote can only be used in the LibreOffice writer but it is not active when I open the master document. Getting it active for the master document might be the solution but I don’t know how to accomplish that.

Thanks in advance! Peter

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