Why are neither paragraph numbering nor bulleting applied by Format Paintbrush [closed]

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I used format painter to copy and apply formatting from one paragraph to another. The first paragraph is bulleted, the second paragraph is not. I select the first paragraph, click the format painter icon, and then control-click the second paragraph. The bullet is not applied to the second paragraph, but it should be, as it is a paragraph attribute.

Second example: The first paragraph is non-bulleted Title 2, but the second paragraph is bulleted Body Text. I click somewhere in the first paragraph, then click format painter. I control-click the second paragraph. The bullet remains, the characters change size, but the indent is increased. I expected the bullet to be removed, because the source paragraph is non-bulleted. I also expected the indentation to be set back to the left margin. A related problem is that undo undoes everything except the indentation increase. To get rid of it, I have to click at the beginning of the target paragraph, delete until it forms part of the previous paragraph, then press Enter.

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