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How do I make mail merge labels with a 1 inch x 2.6 inch label on an Avery label sheet of 30 labels? [closed]

asked 2013-12-14 22:33:23 +0100

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I want to make a mail merge label with a precut label sheet. i could not use any of the label types given the the program so I have to do something else. The label sheets I can buy are compatible with are the brand name Avery. these are address labels for the addressee, not return address. the sheets come with 30 per page ready to peel off and put on a letter.

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answered 2013-12-16 07:27:31 +0100

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You should be able to go to File - New- Labels. In the Brand box select Avery and then for type select 5260 - which is a 3 x 10 label sheet. Go to the Options tab to select various options.

Then you just need to edit the label contents with the address fields desired, connect to your source data and do the mail merge.

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