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How can I unassociate the PDF format from Writer on Windows 7? [closed]

asked 2014-01-17 03:25:37 +0200

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updated 2015-09-01 15:40:14 +0200

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I was opening pdf files from the main intro screen using the open option (the one with the folder to the left). This was working fine and the pdf opened in Draw. Then I used the Open With option of Windows 7's Explore and accidentally associated it with Writer, instead of Draw. This, of course, opened up wrong. So I try to associate it with Draw, but it kept going to Writer. I removed both of these options from the Windows 7 register so neither program is in the Open With list any longer. I also removed LibreOffice from my system including deleting the folder after I did the remove. I then reloaded. But I still have the same problem. Any PDF opens in Writer and it is just gibberish.

Meanwhile, my other machine still opens PDFs fine. I'm guessing there is some hidden info, but I'm not sure where to look and how to clean up my system to get the PDFs to open again.

I also tested another user account on the same computer and it opened the PDF fine, so somehow I have a user setting that is telling LibreOffice to open PDFs with Writer on this particular account.

Thank you for looking at my questions and helping if you can.

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answered 2014-01-22 16:19:28 +0200

AJP2 gravatar image

I found the reason today when I was loading an extension. I saw that I had loaded Oracle's PDF Import 1.0.4 but that it was giving an error. I removed the extension, restarted LO and everything is fine now.

What I'm wondering about is why that extension was still around since I had unstalled LO, deleted is folder and reinstalled. Do extensions really hang around in the user info? I don't have the time to check that now, but if you know that would be a good addition to this.

I'm sorry that I posted this to soon since I also found the answer, but I was really stuck and only stumbled on the answer today by the fact I needed to work with extensions.

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