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Let's say I have a .odt created with LibreOffice Writer. Let's say that this document is composed of 2 main paragraphs. Then, a reviewer makes some corrections within each paragraph with the Record Changes enabled.

Afterward, how can I, within the same document, switch the paragraph order (move the text of the first paragraph below the text of the second one) while keeping the tracked changes made within each paragraph intact?

Currently, if I move or copy/paste text containing tracked changes within the same document, the changes are not kept and only the final version of the text is copied.

I'm using LibreOffice Version: on Ubuntu 13.10

Thank you very much for the help


edit: changed the word section for paragraph to avoid confusion.

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I've got the same question and I need an answer ASAP

dks gravatar imagedks ( 2014-02-25 17:41:16 +0200 )edit