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Is it possible to format a TOC like this example? [closed]

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EDIT: I may have just figured it out. Figures that it would be only a minute after asking the question. I unchecked the "protect from manual edits" option and it seems i can now mess around with the format. Is this the proper way?

Libreoffice Version: Ubuntu 13.10 64bit

Hello, I have to format my table of contents for my thesis in a very specific way, and poking around in Libreoffice I'm not sure if it is possible. I was hoping that someone who is more familiar with these things could give me some guidance. I have to format the TOC like the example below. The main problem i'm having is I am not sure how to insert the "CHAPTER" header in between the Table heading and the actual table. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this? Thanks!

Here is an example:

example TOC

Here are the detailed instructions:


  1. Use title heading of "CONTENTS" OR "TABLE OF CONTENTS." The heading should all be at the top of the page, all caps, and bold. You will double-space after the heading and place the word “CHAPTER” on the left-hand margin and then double-space again before you begin your chapter listings. You only list the word chapter once at the top.
  2. Headings are double-spaced between each entry; single-spaced within each entry. As you single-space within headings, the subsequent lines of the heading should align with the heading on the left-hand side.
  3. Chapters are numbered with Roman numerals. Chapter names are all caps.
  4. Headings should exactly match the text as it appears in the thesis. Page numbers must be accurate and right justified.
  5. Use indents to indicate the appropriate level of heading. Outlining rules concerning subheadings apply here (i.e., no single subheadings at any level). If you were consistent in the application of your headings, you will also be consistent in the presentation of your headings in the Table of Contents (i.e., upper and lower case or first letter cap only at various levels of heading).
  6. You must include the chapter names as a minimum; however, it is appropriate to also include the other level headings. If you include any level of heading, you must include all headings of that same level. For instance, if in Chapter III you want to include a level 3 heading, you ...
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answered 2014-03-06 03:13:49 +0200

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I think it is to generate a TOC according to your needs.

Insert TOC
right click into TOC > Edit Index/Table
there you can adjust "structure" to match your needs for each heading level

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