jdbc: "Parameter index out of range" on subform when using jdbc URL [closed]

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I have a libreoffice base document which is connected to a mysql database, and I don't want to have to type in a password when opening the document, so I am using the "JDBC" option for the connection rather than MySQL (JDBC). This allows me to specify a URL for the database with the password embedded.

However, when opening a form with subforms, the subforms fail to get populated, and give the error:

Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).

The SQL command leading to this error is:

SELECT * FROM prm_test.addresses WHERE ( personID = :link_from_ID )

This does not happen if I switch the connection type to "MySQL (JDBC)", but that's not really an acceptable solution as there's then no way to store the password.

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Hi @funkyhat, Are you still looking for an answer to your question?

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