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I have a text file with many chapters and sub-chapters and ToC. The ToC is based on the style assigned to headings (heading 1, heading 2, etc).

After preparing the first sub-heading (for the first sub-chapter), I copy this heading around to make additional subheadings. Now in my ToC I have:

  1. Chapter 1....................4
    1.1 Sub-chapter 1/1....4
  2. Chapter 2....................1
    2.1 Subchapter 2/1......1

Chapter 1 starts at page 4, chapter 2 starts at page 9, but when I go to chapter 2 in the document, in the bottom left corner I see the page number as Page1 9/20 instead of Page 9/20 and the ToC reflects that situation.

How to resolve that problem?

Honest warning: If you advise me to select all and remove formatting this will be the last second I will ever use this soft. I already went through this process for other ToC related problem...

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Do you have set any page breaks manually?

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2014-03-12 09:02:49 +0100 )edit