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How do I type text on top of a scanned image of a form. [closed]

asked 2014-04-18 01:22:16 +0200

LeeM gravatar image

My employer wants a "monthly mileage report" paper form. I can scan this paper form and make a .jpg file.

I want to use LibreOffice write to type on top of the image of this scanned form. Then I want to print the sandwich of words and background image on paper (ugh!).

Can I do this overtyping in another LibreOffice application or in some other open source program?

Briefly, what is the open source information toolchain that builds upon the form filling programs in Libre Office?

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answered 2014-04-18 10:13:08 +0200

mahfiaz gravatar image

Use LO Draw, place the image and draw text boxes on top of it to the right places.

I personally would prefer Inkscape, but that depends on how quick you pick up new programs, it's a little different.

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