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Since upgrading to an earler 4.x release of Libreoffice, my Read-Text extension has been broken. When the latest upgrade ( didn't fix it, I dug into the read-text macro and determined that the extension is working correctily. The problem is it uses a shell command to run espeak, and the shell command is just not working at all. The command an temp file are created by the macro correctly and if I send the command to python from the commad line, espeak loads and reads normally. But when the macro tries to call it through shell, nothing happens--not even if I modify the shell command to run fullscreen.

I cannot back out to libreoffice 3. I need the enhancements to Microsoft document compatability. But I also need read text to work. Any idea how to get the shell command working again?


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I've been playing around with this and have determined the following:

  1. The read-test extension (macro) works correclty up to the point of invoking shell.
  2. The output of the macro is the correct input to python. If I copy the command that the macro is sending to shell and feed it to python in the terminal, it works and reads the text.
  3. shell is not completely broken. From a test macro in the same LibreOffice document, I can run shell to open a text file in mousepad---but not python/espeak.
Stuart gravatar imageStuart ( 2014-06-07 04:01:39 +0200 )edit