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Special characters [closed]

asked 2012-06-26 12:22:34 +0200

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Is it possible for a LibreOffice (I'm using beta2 version now) to configure specified special characters (for example - ʃ - or - ƥ -) to bet be put in a Writer using keyboard shortcut?

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answered 2012-06-27 20:49:40 +0200

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updated 2014-01-18 23:50:05 +0200


You could use the following macro [1], and assign it to a shortcut key.

Sample U+222B INTEGRAL ∫

Sub insert_integral
Dim oDoc as variant
    oDoc = ThisComponent
Dim oCurrentController as variant
    oCurrentController = oDoc.getCurrentController()
Dim oTextViewCursor as variant
    oTextViewCursor = oCurrentController.getViewCursor()
Dim oText as variant
If IsEmpty(oTextViewCursor.Cell) Then
End If
End Sub

(1) Tools → Macros → Organize Macros → LOdev Basic... → Edit

image description

(2) Tools → Customize... → Keyboard
Category: LOdev Macros/user/Standard/Module 1
Function: insert_integral
Keys: Alt+Shift+I
Modify → OK

image description

(3) Test with LibreOffice

image description

[1] Source: Writer - Macro für Zeichen einfügen
Thanks to Regina Henschel!


You could use this extension → Compose Special Characters.
("There are two ways to create special characters - Compose Special Characters and Compose Unicode Characters.")
Tools → Extension Manager → Add... → ComposeSpecialCharacters-2.0.10.oxt

See also: LO Writer: insert special characters by shortcut keys

Compose Special Characters 2.0.10 – all key combos.pdf (Hybrid PDF with embedded .odt file)
Compose Special Characters 2.0.10 – all key combos.odt


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answered 2012-06-27 22:51:57 +0200

mouflon gravatar image

Thank you very much for your kind contribution. I wish someday creators of Libre- will invent an equivalent for an option "paste->special symbols", like in (ergh) Office. I'll try both ways and maybe I'll reply.

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answered 2012-12-09 23:45:41 +0200

kidalabama gravatar image

updated 2012-12-09 23:46:12 +0200

your macro is running in the writer very good. thank you. but how can i run in calc. i can't run this macro in calc.

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This macro only works for Writer. You might use → Compose Special Characters for Calc(don't forget to set a "flag character" – e.g.: *)

manj_k gravatar imagemanj_k ( 2012-12-10 13:07:08 +0200 )edit

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