why first 2 msgboxes work and the third is inactive here? [closed]

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Hello! Please, can someone find the reason why is the third msgbox not working here, while first two do wrok ok?

Many thanks!!!

function z

dim a as string

 a=inputbox("MMM", "XX")
 msgbox(a, "mmm,", "ddd")
                             dim d as integer

                                      Do While d=1
                                                  dim m as string
                                                  msgbox(m, 0,"d")       '*** The one which 
                                                  d=d-1                  ' does not work
                                         Loop                            ' and I dont know why

end function

Is maybe the problem cause it is IN Do While Loop???

Many thanks!!!

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Just solved!!! Thanks all!

altair gravatar imagealtair ( 2014-06-17 13:31:06 +0200 )edit