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How to remove a file off Libre office Document Recovery [closed]

asked 2014-06-17 15:07:05 +0200

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Every time I go to open Libre Office, Libre Office Recovery pop's up with a file in it that will not recover, but once I hit finish it will bring the document up, I need to know how to remove it from there. Also when it shows me my options on Libre Office on the open section that same file is there, I can't any files to save to a folder I have created in my documents library, Can you tell me how I can do that?

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Direct link to one easy solution

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-06-17 15:39:04 +0200

ROSt52 gravatar image

You could try to save the file with the same name and see if this stops the recovery. No guarantee!

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answered 2014-06-17 23:26:51 +0200

manj_k gravatar image

Please have a look at Message: Recovery Failed.

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