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why so difficult? [closed]

asked 2014-10-12 23:16:21 +0100

After all exercises I've build a Cost Control System if I worked with the Old Good COBOL but now using Basic256. Excellent!

First problem is translating the downloads of the bank... CSV-files with repairing of info containing comma's... There are indeed dumps with semi-colons as field separators, that makes work easier by exploding on '";"' after stripping the quotes at begin and end.

Then searching for Cost-accounts by using two tables 1) Creditor-Banknumber or 2) codes in the Remarks field and then converting to Cost-account. That results in a new file with Cost-account + Date + Amount + Remarks.

Then sorting the file on 1) Cost-account 2) Date

Finally reporting 1) detailed bookings per Cost-account 2) subtotals per Cost-Account 3) final saldo which must positive....!

It looks fine and withstands a review of an accountant.

At last I had to learn to work with CSV-files instead the DA-format with fixed length. No problem, I'm fexible enough. Converting the bank-dumps into LibreOfficeBase Table format is not easy. Next, converting tables by using other tables to create new tables is with LibreOfficeBase a crime! We are missing in LOBase the TableModify and TableCreate possibilities...

So, thanks to Basic-256 the old fashioned way of programming is still the best!

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answered 2014-10-13 00:39:45 +0100

Lupp gravatar image

Since I am taking part in forums on the office software subjects (about 2 years now) this must be (at least) the tenth post I read telling a similar story or asking for a solution in the field.

My bank provides me with a database, maintained and improved in short intervals, perfectly connected to the bank if needed, allowing for any task I may wish to perform including printouts of any selection and submitting orders of any kind, delivering the latest turnovers and balances at any time, let me categorise everything to as many levels as I want, allowing for many kinds of evaluation, saving everything to a local database (on my PC) but allowing for recovery from the remote base if needed ...

It can also export data to a text file (csv or so). I never find a reason to use this feature.

Ah yes. 15 years (?) ago I paid a bit (<50DEM that time) for its predecessor. It saved me hundreds of hours.

It is based on the open standard FinTS/HBCI.

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answered 2015-11-08 11:09:33 +0100

BlueBike gravatar image

U bent nog heel goed in staat om U aan te passen, ik vind het fantastisch. Dit probleem is nog open en ik grijp het maar aan om even iets kwijt te kunnen. Om de scheidingstekens enzo aan te passen is denk ik het beste te doen in calc, de spread sheet SW dus.

Om het in een tabel te krijgen: Het is mischien mogelijk om gebruik te maken van SQL, hoewel ik dit niet uitgewerkt kan tonen.

Bij ervaring kunt U denk ik toch meer kwijt dan retired engineer. Wat weet U van RDBMS systemen? Welke RDBMS SW?. Libre Office kennis? UNIX, Linux ?Andere programmeertalen?

We hoeven ons brood er niet mee te verdienen, maar het helpt als we weten waar iemand verstand van heeft.

Ik heb een vraag gestkseld op dit forum maar nog geen enkele reactie gehad, zou U mischien Uw gedachten er eens over kunnen laten gaan?

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