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I know Dogecoin isn't taken seriously by many people, but as I have noticed LibreOffice accepts donations in BTC it seems not unreasonable to ask if I might donate via the currency I happen to hold. Dogecoin has settled to a relatively stable price and appears to remain a viable currency having passed it's first year. I'd like to donate $5 to LibreOffice -- about 25,000 Dogecoin at the moment. It would be so much easier and predictable than converting Dogecoin to BTC and then donating to LibreOffice.

What do you think? As a side benefit my guess is the Dogecoin community would celebrate the opportunity. They have a good way of celebrating just about everything and spread the good word via giving Dogecoin to good causes. LibreOffice is certainly a good cause.

I've come to LibreOffice from OpenOffice, using these tools for word processing and slide presentations. My regular tool is MS Office but I like to have open source available because sometimes new features appear here prior to inclusion in MS. For example, I used OpenOffice to convert Write or Word to PDF at least two years before that feature came to MS Office. The reason I'm here today is so I can create an ebook and then use Alkinea or Calibre for the conversion. This is why I want help support the community here.

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