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How can I make a Gothic dictionary?

asked 2015-01-11 22:36:16 +0200

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I 'm creating a dictionary for the Gothic language for LibreOffice. I 'm doing this with a custom user dictionary, this worked fine for me, but as there are a lot of declinations and conjugations, I decided to add a .aff file, and this is where the problems started. When I add a .aff file with the declination information and name it the same as my .dic file, instead of showing corrections according to that system, LibreOffice doesn't get it at all and when I type "gibos" for example, it shows "giba/O" as one of the possible corrections, while that /O is supposed to mean that the declinations in the .aff file among O need to be used, NOT "giba/O" as a seperate word.

I also can't set Gothic as a language as that language isn't included in LibreOffice. I really need help, as I want to distribute a Gothic dictionary file, our community also has a flag, so we can even add a flag to the places where flags are used to display dictionary releases.

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answered 2018-10-05 09:20:53 +0200

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updated 2018-10-05 15:06:43 +0200

Using a custom dictionary is a way to nowhere (and you can't attach an affix file to it). You should create a new Hunspell dictionary/extension. See this thread for some answers. This is quite tricky though.

If your language is not supported, you should use a supported language as a workaround. For example, some enthusiasts have created a pre-1917 Russian dictionary and distribute it as a Bulgarian dictionary because Russian has no special variants and installing the mentioned dictionary will preempt an existing conventional one.

Just as a proof of concept, I have made an extension as follows (after you download it, change the extension from odt to oxt and install. It contains only one word (dags) with its singular and plural conjugation as a single paradigm. Since Gothic is not supported, the extension is enabled for German (Switzerland). I hope, this helps a bit. Try to check spelling, say, for dage and see the result :-)


Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of Gothic and consulted the following book for the conjugation of dags:

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answered 2018-10-05 09:06:38 +0200

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For adding dictionaries.

For adding a language here is a good one it is marked closed but check for the green check mark

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