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asked 2015-02-22 20:38:42 +0100

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So I was working on this 6 page essay, saved it multiple times and then closed it carefully. Now I've send it to a friend, but she couldn't open the document. ERROR, appeared. So I tried to open it on my computer, and all pages but one image got deleted! Like where's all my stuff?? Can someone help me get my work back? I'm 100% sure I've saved every damn step! Did the program crash?

It's due to thursday! Sincerly,


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answered 2015-02-22 21:09:13 +0100

I have never heard of LibreOffice deleting anything like this and I've used it since the beginning for professional level work. Are you sure you weren't saving it to a temp folder or somehing that got deleted? As for recovery - we'd need the document first to see if there's anything in the xml to recover - if not....good chance you're SOL :-/

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