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Intended and Automatic Uses of Predefined Styles

asked 2015-03-05 05:19:04 +0200

ryoga gravatar image

As a technical writing hobbyist, I can get pretty picky with the design and implementation of styles in template. LibreOffice comes with many predefined styles that cannot be removed, so I was wondering:

  • Is there any documentation explaining how each individual style is intended to be used?
  • Is there any documentation explaining how each individual style is automatically used by other features of LibreOffice? That is, these styles may-or-may-not be intended for direct use by the document author, but regardless are automatically applied in response to using some LibreOffice feature. For example: Presumably, the Addressee style is applied when using the Mail Merge Feature.
  • Is there any "demo" document that employs all of the default styles for use by style designers to quickly see all of the styles available at a glance?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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answered 2015-03-07 03:54:45 +0200

Documentation, I don't know, but...

  • Some are used on generated indexes and tables. If you go to Insert » Indexes and Tables » Indexes and Tables... » Styles tab you will see how the resulting index automatically uses some predefined styles. Different types of tables (selectable in Insert » Indexes and Tables » Indexes and Tables... » Index/Table tab » Type) will require the use of different styles. For example, *Contents 1 to Contents 10 will map from Heading 1 to Heading 10 in a table of contents.

  • Inserting a table will use Table Contents by default for its cells.

  • Footer and Header are used when inserting the page footer and header, respectively.

  • Endnote and Footnote is pretty much self-explanatory.

  • Frame Contents is used when inserting a frame with Insert » Frame...

As for Character Styles, I know about the automatic use of Bullets and Internet Link, although Internet Link is not exactly applied, but used as a basis.

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answered 2015-03-07 03:01:54 +0200

oweng gravatar image

Unfortunately there is no such information available that I am aware of that provides this detail. The User Guides go some way toward providing this detail however they are, of necessity, somewhat generic. This is partly because different people use the pre-defined styles in differing ways e.g., the list continue style. There are a few answers on this forum that provide further detail of this nature, but again, little is definitive.

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