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Where can I download 4.2.8 for Mac 10.6.8 ?

asked 2015-03-13 12:25:46 +0200

Geke gravatar image

LibreOffice on my Mac running 10.6.8 keeps nagging me that I should upgrade my (US English) and that 4.2.8 is available. But when I click the link I get to the standard page for downloading the latest version, which is useless for me. I can’t upgrade my Mac beyond 10.6.8, by the way. So my questions: 1. Where can I download 4.2.8 for Mac 2. Why is it impossible to find that download 3. If this version is now deprecated, then why does the upgrade dialog talk about it and why isn’t the situation explained on the website. 4. Why is there no clear list of versions with their system requirements to be found on the website. 5. How can I stop that upgrade prompt from appearing, and if I can’t, please add that possibility. (Well, that would be in a newer version, so forget about that one ...)

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answered 2015-03-14 03:35:27 +0200

oweng gravatar image

Requested version available in the download archive here.

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