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Spacing between Variable and Subscript in Formula [closed]

asked 2015-04-18 04:34:51 +0200

Kaz gravatar image

Windows 7, Libre Office, Writer & Math

I need to have subscripts attached to variables but am seeing some odd outcomes in terms of spacing between the variable and its subscript.

So, something like x_{1} looks just fine whereas things like V_{p} and x_{pt} have too much space between variable and subscript. Attached file provides examples of what I'm seeing.

Any advice appreciated.

C:\fakepath\LO Maths Sample.odt

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answered 2015-04-20 00:14:02 +0200

Regina gravatar image

It would need "font-kerning" or "letter-spacing", but both are not available in Math. You cannot do anything about it.

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