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Libre base

asked 2015-05-02 11:33:18 +0200

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Dear Support ,

I need your help ,

I create a database in librebase but i have a problem with permissions changes .

Any user (single) can not have license to make changes in layout/tables/query ...

My question

How to lock/protect with password administrator' s changes in layout/tables/queries ?

thank you in advance

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answered 2019-09-06 15:13:02 +0200

Alex Thurgood gravatar image

If the ODB points to server backend db engine, then put the ODB file in a shared directory and make it read-only. This should prevent people from making changes that can be saved to the ODB file. If your ODB file is an embedded hsqldb, then I don't see how you make the file read-only and expect the users to be able to write to embedded database...

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