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Selected layout is changed when the file is reopened in LO.

asked 2015-05-07 17:36:04 +0200

kumar.0512 gravatar image

This is my issue.........("Selected layout is changed when the file is reopened in LO.( Layout is intact when opened in MS pptx)" help me

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answered 2020-02-06 06:09:45 +0200

jastombaugh gravatar image

I'm assuming that you saved your presentation as an .PPTX file and then re-opened the .PPTX file in LO only to discover that some formatting was not preserved.

Be aware that saving TO PowerPoint file formats 'can' cause this, as the document may contain formatting or content that cannot be transferred to the PowerPoint file format.

I have noticed that saving my presentations to the older .PPT format has increased the compatibility with both MS Office as well as re-opening in LibreOffice.

Whenever possible, I tend to stick with the .ODP file format for personal use and only use .PPT when I need to share a presentation with someone who is stuck with Office.

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