Libreoffice Calc 5 saving file to xlsx increase file size xml [closed]

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Dear LibreOffice,

problem environment:
- Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel 3.19.8
- Libreoffice with newest update Version: Build ID: 420m0(Build:2)
- and tested with LibreOffice 5.0.0 from
1. open with LibreOffice Calc, xlsx files previous saved in MS Office 2013
2. normal modification (edit, add text)
3. save to xlsx format

file size increase significantly depending on each sheet contain in excel file,
check with extract file xlsx, and check with Sheet1.xml and Sheet2.xml found repeat information like below:
< row r="3" customFormat="false" ht="16.15" hidden="true" customHeight="false" outlineLevel="0" collapsed="false"> < c r="A3" s="0"/>
< c r="B3" s="0"/>
< c r="C3" s="0"/>
< c r="D3" s="0"/>
< c r="E3" s="0"/>
< c r="F3" s="0"/>
< c r="G3" s="0"/>
< c r="H3" s="6"/>
< c r="I3" s="7"/>
< c r="J3" s="0"/>
< c r="K3" s="0"/>
< c r="L3" s="0"/>
< c r="M3" s="0"/>

Workaround for revert back file size:
1. Open file xlsx with Libreoffice
2. select blank column (and row if necessarily) right click and delete
3. save file
4. file size is back to from originally.


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