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Trying to graph bicycle speed gear ratios. [closed]

asked 2015-08-27 05:01:13 +0200

Teddy gravatar image

Hi, I was curious to know what my bicycle gear ratios were so I graphed them out in Calc (21 speed with 19 unique ratios ha ha). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwch...

I didn't know how to calculate the b12:b34 range so I just entered them in manually. I was wondering if anyone knows how they could be calculated so I could play around with gears with different numbers of teeth and see the graph update automatically. Thanks!

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answered 2016-08-14 07:08:43 +0200

mahfiaz gravatar image

I think easiest is to not explain but show. See the attached file.

gear ratios.ods

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