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A document with alternative versions of subsections

asked 2015-11-16 08:22:51 +0200

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updated 2015-11-17 14:27:58 +0200

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I want to build a document that contains alternative versions of specific subsections. For example, say I have many versions of the 2nd paragraph of the document, while the first and 3rd paragraphs are fixed (static). Is it possible to have a "dynamic" document like this? (It reminds me of the way CMS-based website generate pages.)

Right now I have multiple versions of my document where (for example) only paragraph 2 differs. To edit the first paragraph I have to open each of the multiple documents. That's not efficient. My plan is to be able to maintain one document that contains all the static text as well as each version of the sections that are variable.

If Writer supports something like this, can I open the document, select/activate which 2nd paragraph I want, edit other parts of the document, save it and then print it? Next time I work on it, I might pick an another alternative version of paragraph 2, but any edits I saved to paragraph 1 or 3 would remain no matter which version of paragraph 2 is "active".

The variable subsections could be a few words long or as much as a full paragraph (maybe even multiple paragraphs).

Formatting is important. The swapping of sections in and out must maintain all the formatting applied to the section.

I can image this type of feature might be widely used in creating legal documents, but I do not know what the feature might be called (or if it even exists in Writer).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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answered 2015-11-16 10:13:25 +0200

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One solution could be to create a master document linked to auxiliary documents.

These auxiliary documents contain your fixed texts, ideally full paragraphs or sections. In your master document, you include (in fact link) your static texts and only have to write your variable contents where it belongs.

With the link feature, whenever you modify your fixed texts, all you have to do is trigger an update of your master document with Tools->Update->All.

It is not very difficult, but explanations need more space than that provided here. Read the User Guide or try to get through with the on-line help.

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