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Is there any website that is not at all connected to LO that I can contact that has absolutely no affiliations with LO? [closed]

asked 2016-01-06 10:40:35 +0200

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updated 2016-01-07 02:50:22 +0200

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While using LO Writer, somehow or other, I clicked the wrong icon, and now there is a very wide horizontal scroll bar that I cannot remove. Also, if I write something that has more than one page, the second and subsequent pages are now way way to the left of the top page, in this extremely wide horizontal zone! I have tried to repair the damage myself by continuing to click anything I thought was relevant, but I have not succeeded; in fact, I have probably made it worse. My next step was to contact LibreOffice Help to find a solution, but all I saw was pseudo-wiki page that did not help me at all: when I clicked the "Libre Office Help" box, it took me right back to the Libre Office Help page, which was the same damn thing I was on when I contacted Help! I felt like I had been told to stand in the corner of a round room. I came to this site, looked at the FAQs, and realized this site is just like all the other business FAQ pages: Lots of self-serving questions (that I doubt were written by people who do not work for the company), and very few practical assistance. It makes me wonder why the most frequent FAQ is not simply: "Are we aware of how awesome we are?" So it looks like I made a mistake accidentally, and have continued to make mistakes by asking Libre Office to help me correct it. So my question is: Is there any website that is not at all connected to LO that I can contact that has absolutely no affiliations with LO, because my user name is also my opinion of this organization.

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Alternate user forum here. Caveat: I am a moderator on that forum.

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answered 2016-01-07 02:30:09 +0200

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Firstly, yes, I believe so. Secondly, most/many of the people contributing to this site have no official connection to the LO organisation, but are simply users of the software trying to 'give something back' in return for great free software, and they may find some of your comments disappointing if not actually insulting. Thirdly, you do not help yourself in this matter by not stating which version of LO or even which operating system you are using, as you are specifically asked to do every time you post a question. On some operating systems, the LO built-in help is a separate download and installation, without which it reverts to the online help. Fourthly, the only way I can reproduce anything like your description, particularly the part about 'the second and subsequent pages are now way way to the left of the top page', is by changing the view to book view. Make sure the status bar is visible (View-->Status Bar is ticked). Then , in the status bar at the very bottom of the window, on the right hand side, next to the zoom control, you can switch between book view, multiple-page view and single-page view. If this is the issue, select single-page view and adjust the level of zoom to whatever works for you. ( ). If this is not your issue, perhaps further description or a screenshot would help members of the LO community to help you.

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