Captions Randomly Disappear

asked 2016-01-09 00:00:09 +0200

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updated 2016-03-11 02:41:08 +0200

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I am working on a fairly larger technical paper (250+ pages) with lots of images. I am using LibreOffice 5.0.3 Writer saving in a .odt format on a RedHat system. The paper has been edited the entire time with the same version of LibreOffice and always saved in an .odt format.

My problem is after I save and reopen my document my image captions have disappeared. If I drag the corner of a frame the caption reappears so they're still there. It seems others are having this problem but I can't find a solution.

It doesn't matter how long I wait before I reopen the document the problem persists. Often after I manually make the caption reappear it disappears after editing the document further.

Is there a workaround for this issue? If there were a macro that resized frames a fraction that would be one way to work around he issue. Any and all help will be appreciated.

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