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HELP Error opening file

asked 2016-01-11 20:14:06 +0200

tmpande gravatar image

I'm trying to open an essay I have being writing for post graduate I'm writing. However, today i have started getting the following error message:

SAXParseException: '[word/document.xml line 2]: Attribute w:cstheme redefined ', Stream 'word/document.xml', Line 2, Column 45097(row,col).

Its not opening at all. Please help, its a lot of work that has gone into this.

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Hi, I don't think this is file corruption. My feeling is that M$ Office (I'm running 2016 at work) or libreoffice updated which has made it incompatible (for the moment). I think it may be down to the content of the document. for example, if I create a plain document (say a CV), it opens fine in LO. If I open a document with lots of magic like images, text boxes, headers, footers etc etc, then I get the exact error.

Example to follow....

cdstealer gravatar imagecdstealer ( 2016-05-10 14:59:37 +0200 )edit

This file opens which has nothing funky in it

$ file '/path/to/my_file.docx' /path/to/my_file.docx: Microsoft Word 2007+

This file doesn't and contains lots of formatting and images.

$ file '/path/to/my_file2.docx' /path/to/my_file2.docx: Microsoft Word 2007+

As you can see, they are both the same format and saved from the same version of M$ office 2016.

cdstealer gravatar imagecdstealer ( 2016-05-10 15:01:52 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-01-13 15:09:10 +0200

peterwt gravatar image

From the error you are getting it appears you saved the document in MS .docx format and not LO .odt format. In any event it seems that the file has become corrupted. Both these formats are zip archives. You could try opening the file with an archive editor such as 7-zip. Navigate to the folder word and look at document.xml. You may at least then be able to recover the text in the document.

For important documents you should have multiple backups. Have you set LO to make a backup copy of documents? If so there should be a backup copy of your document in your LO profile. It is also a good idea to save a copy of your document as a .txt file, which is unlikely to become corrupted, from time to time so you do at least have the text of your document.

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