Libreoffice 5.1.0 crashes on pasting data into spreadsheet

asked 2016-02-14 01:01:25 +0200

brianr gravatar image

updated 2016-02-25 22:23:55 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Three times copied data from another spreadsheet 150 rows by 12 columns and each time LibreOffice crashed. Is there a max. data amount that can be copied into the spread sheets. It seems with each upgrade of LibreOffice the smaller amount of data can be pasted in. Plus the longer it takes to complete the task at an amount considerably smaller.

Is there a secret on how to utilize LibreOffice so it does not get overwhelmed and stop responding? This occurs also habitually on the saving of a file. Currently using mac osx 10.11.3 with the history, cache etc cleared to original default.



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