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asked 2016-02-21 13:37:47 +0200

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In one of my spreadsheets I use a macro with a copy special option. Since the installation of version 5.1 it doesn't work as it did before. The meaning of the procedure was to copy values of text and dates and not the relations with other fields. In the former versie I had the following Macro-text:

rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------- dim args12(5) as new args12(0).Name = "Flags" args12(0).Value = "SVD" args12(1).Name = "FormulaCommand" args12(1).Value = 0 args12(2).Name = "SkipEmptyCells" args12(2).Value = false args12(3).Name = "Transpose" args12(3).Value = false args12(4).Name = "AsLink" args12(4).Value = false args12(5).Name = "MoveMode" args12(5).Value = 4 dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:InsertContents", "", 0, args12())

I made a new test-macro and in this test the value of the "MoveMode" had changed. Now the value is 6. After this change of value in the "real" macro it worked well again.

Now the malfunction was clear but in other cases it could be less clear and that worries me. How do I know that the parameters still use the same value?

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