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Vanilla hangs when updating the extensions

asked 2016-05-28 00:11:28 +0100

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In LO Vanilla v5.1.3.2 on OSX, if you go to Tools --> Extension Manager...and then click on "Check for Updates..." the extension manger hangs (or freezes). You can't close it or anything and if you leave it running to maybe let it download and check the updates nothing happens for hours. Strangely, you can open documents but then can't close them, so it partially hangs the entire LO program. Selecting "Quit" from the menu does not work as it is queued up waiting for the updates to finish, so you have to force quit it. Does anyone else have this problem with updating extension manager add-ons for Vanilla ? I am trying to determine if it is a common bug in Vanilla for Macs rather than just my installation. Should I be informing Apple on their forums rather than here for instance (i.e. who's responsible for Vanilla, Apple or the LO foundation ?)

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answered 2017-08-24 09:37:46 +0100

This is still happening in on MacOS Sierra. I'm downloading the 'Fresh' version of LO to see if it is happening on that one too. Any fix... work around... or information at all on this?

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