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Font Problems with LO Calc (kerning and unprintable characters) [closed]

asked 2016-06-23 23:17:32 +0100

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updated 2020-09-08 22:46:10 +0100

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UPDATE 2016.0624
I just updated LO on my Linux machine to Version I tested both of the issues reported earlier concerning the Windows edition of LO Calc, Version 5.1.3. The Linux edition tested fine, so these issues are specific to Windows LO 5.1.3.

I will report my findings via Bugzilla.

I just commented on another post at, but I've decided to start a new post based on what I'm finding.

I'm running LO 5.x (see below) on a Windows 7 machine.

Finding 1
After downloading and installing LO 5.1.3, the LO Calc input line displays an unprintable character symbol (the black rectangle) for the number 1. You can actually see the number 1 in the corresponding spreadsheet cell.

I rebooted my computer and the problem was still there. I uninstalled LO 5.1.3 and reinstalled LO 5.1.2. The problem disappeared.

Finding 2
Before uninstalling LO 5.1.3, I noticed a gap between the letters "w" and "r" in the word "rewritten." When I reinstalled LO 5.1.2, I found the gap was still there.

Some experimenting seems to indicate this kerning issue only exists with certain fonts. In fact, I have only found two fonts so far that exhibit this problem: Arial and Liberation Sans.

Both of these issues appear to me to be bugs. Has anyone else encountered either of these problems?

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answered 2016-07-05 17:02:24 +0100

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UPDATE 2016.0705
I moved the 2016.0626 update here from my original post, and I will add my final comments in order to answer my question and mark it closed.

I just tried to reproduce the kerning issue in response to a request concerning my report on Bugzilla. As with the unprintable characters issue, the problem seems to have inexplicably disappeared.

As I mentioned in bug reports 100590 and 100591, I do not like problems that "fix themselves" without explanation. You cannot intentionally repeat success, nor can you intentionally reproduce the problem and fix it in such situations.

For now, I suppose I must follow the advice of Buovjaga regarding bug report 100590 and "try to be happy the issue is gone."

UPDATE 2016.0626
The unprintable characters problem seems to have resolved itself, although I have no explanation. Basically, all I did was reinstall LO and the problem did not reappear.

For a better understanding of the events leading to this "resolution," read

The kerning problem still exists and appears specific to LO for Windows.


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