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Hello all, I want to move over to libreoffice for my job but having issues with inserting svg files into impress. When I add a svg file to impress some of the objects within the svg move messing up the image I have created. I created the svg in inkscape, saved as svg. I have tried locking the objects, grouping all the objects, always the same issue: some of the objects move changing their positions.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I create EMF files for MS power point and they work just fine. I can open up the MS version in libreoffice and the emf files are just fine.

I thought that libreoffice was up to the task, but unless someone can show me what I am doing wrong I am going to continue to use MS, which I don't want to do



OK, I found out that the svg file is resized to fix the impress frame, so I selected original to see if this was the problem. Placement was better but most of the issue has to do with text and not the line art. Some of the text was double line and was centered, but what is happening is the first line is aligned left and the second line is aligned right

Next thing I tried was to resize the svg to the exact dimensions of the impress frame 10 inch x 5.25 inch for what I want. Resized and inserted into impress and the same issue: some svg text objects moved and some text alignments changed.

OK tried all the other svg formats that inkscape is able to create with worse movement of objects within the svg image.

replaced svg file with an emf file format and the image is correct. I have used the svg files in Adobe captivate 9 for creating html 5 courses and have never seen object within the svg image move.

So the problem must be within the Libreoffice program and not the svg file, unless someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

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There is ongoing work to improve SVG display, it might already work in a daily build. You can help us by writing a bug report. Please remove as much as possible from the image, so that it only contains the problematic texts and attach the example to the bugreport. Is the image already wrong in edit mode or only in playing the presentation? How is the text included? LibreOffice cannot load external fonts. Always use "normal" SVG, Do not use svg-filter, they are not implemented in LibreOffice.

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2016-10-10 20:30:32 +0200 )edit