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Mail Merge label format problem.

asked 2016-11-14 11:28:38 +0200

voxmagna gravatar image

updated 2016-11-14 11:31:45 +0200

I'm having prolems with mail merge. When I select my 'Avery' label template and move fields my first field is Title and initial followed by Surname. Then I wanted to add 4 or 5 characters of literal text. On the first attempt I kept it simple and just moved each field into the label template but when I did a sample print the field data had printed hard up against the left hand cut of the labels. The template dimensions were correct for my label sheet and I suspect that the merged field merged the first character on the left label boundary. Then I tried to add my 5 characters of literal text to the first line of 2 fields. The first line wrapped around but would not accept a space character to start the printed text away from the left edge however any other character on the first line is accepted (?). Strangely the other address line field did accept a space character at the start of each line. This problem occurs when the field names are long and wrap over to the next line in the small display window.

The only way I could get around this was to create a database column with my literal text and insert its field name in the label template i.e 3 field names on the first line. Then I could add a couple of spaces before each field name to start printing away from the left hand edge. Am I doing something wrong because formatting a label in mail merge should allow a reasonable amount of free space editing of the output format, including adding a small graphic or Chrstmas symbol?

I'm now wondering if centering, margin settings and adding a graphic is something that should be done on the document page before hitting merge? I can get around text printing on the left edge of the label by creating a custom label with increased side and top margins.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

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answered 2016-11-14 11:59:00 +0200

voxmagna gravatar image

It looks like you can do some free form editing on the mailmerge odt page, but only on one label object record at a time. Hard work changing a bunch of labels on an A4 sheet! Which is why I think freeform editing and format should be done at the label create stage, before the odt document is created. The label template view should be larger to stop long datasource and field names wrapping over to the next line when concatenated.

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