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Is it possible to move the sheet bar to the left, such that it stacks vertically?

asked 2017-01-26 15:14:53 +0100

petur gravatar image

I'm working in a document which has close to 100 sheets. The sheet bar on the bottom can only display a few at a time, as it is horizontal. As I must frequently jump between sheets, im slowed down by having it in a horizontal position.

Is it possible to move the sheet bar to the left of the screen, such that sheets stack vertically?

Picture of the "sheet bar" I'm referring to, in case my terminology is wrong.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-01-26 16:22:55 +0100

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


Navigator is a good solution. You can also have the vertical list by a simple Right Click on the navigation buttons (left of sheet bar)


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answered 2017-01-26 16:10:20 +0100

w_whalley gravatar image

One way would be to use the Navigator. View/Navigator or F5 opens a separate navigator window where the names of the sheets are listed under Sheets. The Navigator can also be opened in the sidebar.

Another way (more work) would be to uniquely name a cell on each sheet and use the name box to navigate. Or use one sheet as an index sheet and construct a table of hyperlinks to the other sheets.

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