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Custom (and non user modifiable) dictionary in a central location?

asked 2017-03-02 14:42:31 +0200

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Hi everybody!


Our company has a number of specific spellings and new words (product names, features, technical terms) not listed in a standard LO dictionary. I already have implemented modified spell checking dictionaries for vim (we are a Linux shop) in a central location that can be used, but not modified by our colleagues. This was necessary to end disagreement on exact spelling/capitalization which already has been defined by the company. :-)


I'd like to do the same for LO. I don't mean user defined dictionaries residing in the user profile/wordbook folder, as those could be edited. Instead, a company specific standard dictionary everybody can use, but only the admins can modify. A central location also reduces administration overhead.

Can we create a simple ourcompany.dic (just a word list, mostly nouns, no stemming or grammar rules needed), and have the admin put that in the same directory en_US.dic resides in? Will that show up in LO for the users to use? Or am I missing something?

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answered 2017-03-03 00:46:45 +0200

Regina gravatar image

The folder 'share' in the installation path has a subfolder 'wordbook'. It has some files with file name extension .dic. You can add your own file there. You can use the existing files as template for your own one. If the user starts LO he will find the new dictionary in Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids. It is not checked by default, but you only need to check it once. Because it is in the 'share' folder, the user has no writing rights as default.

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