Apache user is unable to run libreoffice --headless [closed]

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I am stumped on something and hoping you all can help. I have need for a LAMP server to print directly from a webpage without the dialog box. So I installed CUPS and mapped the printers. I am printing .docx files so I was using the libreoffice --headless command to print using a shell script. Everything was working great until today. All of a sudden clicking the button to kick off the script failed, and after much troubleshooting, I have traced the issue back to the apache user having an issue running libreoffice --headless

I used it at the CLI and it returns to a new line with no error, but no job gets submitted to CUPS. If I re-direct output to a file, all I get is a blank file

commands I am using are: libreoffice --headless -pt PrinterQueue FileName or libreoffice --headless -pt PrinterQueue FileName > testfile

I have double-checked the PATH variable as well to make sure that was ok and it is.

Any ideas?

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Did you update any of the software on the machine? What version of LO are you running? What distro/version?

qubit gravatar imagequbit ( 2012-12-23 15:03:19 +0200 )edit