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Python macro for Calc to correlate two columns with string data

Just wanted to post this, since it took me forever to find the right commands; but to put it formally as a question: Assume in calc I have two columns of string data - one of them in column B, the other in say E, the space between them is assumed to be empty.

I can manually make a visual correlation of the values there as follows:

  • Select "original" cell in column E, Ctrl-C to copy
  • Find on which row is the same value in column B
  • Select the (empty) cell right next to the value on that row (so on found_row, column C)
  • Edit / Paste special ... , Options: Link
  • Select again "original" cell in column E; then
  • Tools / Detective / Trace Dependents

Obviously, this gets to be very long and tedious process as soon as you have more than four values to correlate.

Are there examples to automate this process in a, say, Python macro script?