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Are other office suites as riddled with problems as LO?

A question for those experienced with other office suites such as MS office, Apache Openoffice etc.

I find LO to be rather frustrating and difficult to use due to the number of issues, bugs and inconsistencies in the program. Even the most basic functions tend to have problems surrounding them.

I have no experience with other office software.... Is it an open source thing? Or are other, "closed source"/purchased software programs like MS office also plagued by a veritable swarm of issues?

Admittedly I am a layperson of sorts, not a programmer. Am I better off with a more user-friendly office suite? Any recommendations? Just trying to gauge whether or not, as someone who doesn't know how to code and thus fix issues/customize LO to suit me, I'm wasting my time with Libreoffice and should try something tidier, with less issues...