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calc chart template

A template in a simple sense is an existing format object into which novel content repeatedly can be poured. That is, the bundle of formatting elements called a template is independent of content an author/ analyst / illustrator creates to meet the particular requirements of a document, a presentation, or other LO output. The question is whether LO Calc has a means by which to create and store a bundle of chart attributes which then repeatedly can be employed for multiple charts, each of which conveys unique data. Note that the elements that vary would be data ranges, any heading / axis / legend text, and data to be displayed. Choosing as an example a line chart, invariant, templated, elements would be title / subtitle / legend / axis fonts, and point sizes, and chart area borders, colors, and color saturations (transparency levels), and data icons, data line thicknesses, and colors, and... all other attributes that would, combined, be a template for the uniform display of different data sets. One could prepare templates suitable for other chart categories (pie, radar, 3-D, etc.). Is this function available for LO Calc charts?