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Tabs of heading in table of contents TOC

I got a document, comprising different headings. Some of them are formatted in the following style:


wherein the "_" is a tab and wherein §1 has nothing to do with chapter numbers, i.e. the first part (here §1) is randomly chosen.

With LO Version 5.0, the tab of the heading is taken with into the TOC, therefore, the respective entry in the TOC is similar to the heading as shown above.

Version 5.1 of LO as well as following versions of LO (currently operates different, the tab is replaced by one space and the entry in the TOC reads as follows:

§1 Text

A similar question has bee asked in the German part of the forum, see:

Furthermore, this question might be somehow comparable with bug 30732, reported on bugzilla:

Are there any hints or workaorunds to overcome this problem?

Thanks maguggi