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calc resize chart to update it

This problem has been around for a LONG time, in many versions of LibreOffice. I just upgraded to a clean version of LibreOffice (64) on my Windows 7 machine, and still need to move or resize my charts to get them to update. I've tried F9 and <cntl><shift>F9 and whatever other key combinations I could think of and have never been able to get the chart to update without sliding it around a bit.

My spreadsheets are large and complicated, with one sheet feeding another sheet to do calculations, and that sheet feeding graphs on yet a third sheet. Perhaps the way I set them up is the root of the problem. Perhaps the problem is associated with using a spreadsheet made several generations ago?

Are other users still having this problem, or do I need to somehow redo my spreadsheets to make it go away?

Hardware is dell precision T1500 with NVidia Quadro 4000 graphics card.