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[Draw+Writer] Pasted graphic object visually different from original

I first design a flowchart in Draw with boxes and connectors. Boxes are layed out so that the general aspect is appealing, the general structure can be easily apprehended and connector crossings are minimised. However automatic connector routing sometimes makes them cross boxes or display contorted paths. In this case, I manually force a different path, using the handles that appear when you select a connector. When I'm satisfied with the design, the file is saved (but this step is not relevant for the following issue).

The flowchart is copied into the clipboard.

I switch to Writer where the document gives explanations on the intended structure. The flowchart is pasted near this explanation and ends up as a graphical frame with anchor and wrap properties. Unfortunately, the connectors follow very often paths different from what is shown in Draw (whether they were automatically routed or manually forced is not relevant, both kinds may be affected).

It looks like Writer recomputes connector routing instead of blindly accepting what was painfully tuned in Draw.

Is there a way to force Writer to take passively the pasted vector graphics?

Note: I had a try with "Paste special ..." for alternate formats. Bitmap format is not acceptable because it gives a blurred and pixellised picture on high-resolution printer. The GDI Metafile format seems to display accurately the pasted graphics, but I'd prefer a native LO solution. There is also a Draw 8 format creating an OLE object which offers fewer layout possibilities than simple graphics (or at least it is more tricky and tedious because it looks like it is a mere rectangular area).

Any hint is welcome.